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How To Calculate Marketing ROI Using Google Analytics

Does this sound familiar?

Your business invests money in online marketing but you aren't sure if that marketing is generating revenue. Everyone tells you that clicks mean success, but what your business really needs is more customers. At the end...

3 Ways to Use Google Analytics to Improve SEO

Who doesn't want to know what content is bringing visitors to their website? Is the content  engaging visitors? Am I missing any opportunities?

The Placebo Effect of Graphs & Charts

Let me clearly state that I prefer placebo's over prescription drugs. The side effects do not last as long. Maybe it is just me, but it seems like some people prefer a colorful graph over answering a bunch of questions. Please don't...

Are you using Data To Make Marketing Decisions?

According to a recent survey, 62% of executives still use "experience" and "advice" more than data to make decisions.

1 FREE tool in Google Analytics that every marketing manager should understand and use!

In a perfect world you would know how many times your website pages appeared in searches and what words made you appear. While the world may not be perfect, you can know how many times you showed up in Google searches and what words got you...

7 Passwords Every Business Owner Needs to Know

As a business owner you need to act quickly when you find an opportunity that will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Here are 7 passwords every business owner needs to know:

Google Analytics is easy.                  Except for one thing.

Google Analytics is free and easy to install. It provides a wealth of information about what is hot and what is not on your website pages. But here is one thing that proves to be a stumbling block for most clients I work with: Adding a  dollar...

The 5 W's in Google Analytics Every Savvy Business Owner Understands

Who, What, When, Where and Why.