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When ranking on search engines like Google, many businesses often hire SEO providers or do their own in-house SEO to get organic visitors to their site. A typical SEO strategy will includ...

Great Information from our friend Betsy Kent.

In my last blog, I told you about how the most brilliant content for your website may be hiding in plain sight – right in your customer testi...

How To Set Up Messaging On Google My Business

Here are the Step By Step instructions


set up messaging on your

Google My Business Page.

Login to your Google My Business pag...


Here are the Step By Step instructions


create a post on your

Google My Business Page.

Login to your Google My Business page.

Once you have logged in Click the Blue Busi...

As a business owner you need to act quickly when you find an opportunity that will give you a strategic advantage over your competitors.

Here are 7 passwords every business owner needs t...

It is FREE. Your business contact information, hours, phone, website, reviews, photos,etc are posted for the world to see at no charge to you. Sweet Deal! Have you verified your Google Pa...

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Does This Sound Familiar?

Your business invests money in online marketing but you aren't sure if that marketing is generating revenue. Everyone tells you that clicks mean success, but what your business really needs is more customers.

At the end of the day, you just want your online marketing to do what it is supposed to do and Grow Your Business!

Sometimes You Need A Herd Of Nerds To Take Your Digital Marketing To The Next Level.