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Marketing Benchmarks






Benchmark Groups  allow you to benchmark your company's performance against groups of similar companies.

With integrations with 70+ popular marketing, sales and financial software tools like Google Analytics, Google Ads, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Mailchimp — to name just a few, you can see how your entire company's performance stacks up.
databox integrations
Then, use the benchmarks to develop a better company strategy, justify investing in new initiatives, set goals for different teams, or just to have peace of mind that you're doing ok.


What is your conversion rate?
Explore These Benchmarks
Is your content engaging your ideal client?
Explore These Benchmarks
Where do you show up in search results?
Explore These Benchmarks

The data from data sources is securely pulled from the data source, anonymised and is not shared with anyone.

These benchmarks are a collaboration between Databox & Analytics That Profit- A Premiere Databox Partner and are FREE forever.

Does your Cost Per Click make sense?
Explore These Benchmarks
How are you performing on your ad conversions?
Explore These Benchmarks
How does your social strategy measure up?
Explore These Benchmarks

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