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How To Calculate Marketing ROI Using Google Analytics

Does this sound familiar?

Your business invests money in online marketing but you aren't sure if that marketing is generating revenue. Everyone tells you that clicks mean success, but what your business really needs is more customers. At the end...

How to Calculate The ROI From Social Media

You don't sell a product directly on your website. There is no shopping cart. How do you know if your website is actually helping people buy your product or service? Now let's complicate it further by asking what role social media played in...

How To Monitor Social Media In 13 Minutes A Day

Social media doesn’t just belong to Marketing anymore. Actions that a social media manager take can seriously impact all other departments such as Sales and Support, and it’s something to keep in mind when monitoring.

The Difference Between a Blog and a Newsletter

Great information from our good friend Betsy Kent.

…and do you need both?

If you’ve been publishing a newsletter every month for years, you’re probably wondering if you also need a blog. If you’ve been blogging, you may have asked...

3 Ways To Use Google Analytics To Improve SEO

Who doesn't want to know what content is bringing visitors to their website? Is the content  engaging  visitors? Am I missing any opportunities?

Finding Your Ideal Customer: 32 Questions You Should Ask

Great article from our friend Betsy Kent.

How To Get On Page One In Google Search

We received another one of those emails promising to get us on page one in Google search. 


Is your website is not ranked #1st in The Search Engines?

If you want to increase the number of visitors to your website it is important that you have a

5 Ways To Improve B2B Marketing On Mobile


Mobile is no longer a "channel" for B2B marketing. It is the way most B2B researchers look for new vendors.  Here is the latest research from Google on B2B marketing on mobile:



Recent estimates by  Daily Mail place the number of websites at over a billion. Cisco forecasts global IP traffic will exceed 1 zettabyte in 2016 and Smartphone traffic will exceed PC traffic by 2020. Time has reported the average attention span...

How To Get Business Reviews On Google

Great Information from our friend Betsy Kent.

In my last blog, I told you about how the most brilliant content for your website may be hiding in plain sight – right in your customer testimonials. Testimonials, also called reviews, are a proven...