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5 Big Mistakes New Businesses Make

Good News! Based on historical data over 214,000 new businesses will be started this year. More good news. The odds are in your favor to make it past the first year! Bad news is only 50% will be around in 5 years.

3 Reasons Websites Go Over Budget and Over Schedule

I have been involved in several new websites and website refreshes over the years. Can there be a more frustrating process. There always seems to be a reason it can't be completed on time or on budget. My experience is not unique. Can you imagine...

Why HTTPS Is Really Important.

Recent developments about why HTTPS is really important.

Google recently updated this information:

"HTTPS protects the privacy and security of your users

HTTPS prevents intruders from being able to passively listen to communications between your...

3 Steps to Implementing Kaizen in Marketing.

You have had a Kaizen event on the shop floor as part of your continuous improvement strategy. What if you could do the same with your marketing? If you only gained 3 new customers would it be worth the effort?

Why Your 30 Second Elevator Speech Does Not Work and How To Fix It

I am fortunate to attend many networking events and get to meet some really impressive people. Problem is the 30 second elevator speech/commercial. You get 30 seconds. There are 15 people at the event. Simple Math: 15 x 30 seconds = 450 seconds.

Why You Should Verify Your Facebook Business Page Now

Are you too busy running your business to keep up with all the changes on social media? Well, you can relax because as an online marketing expert that’s my job! When I come across something you need to know about I post it here on my blog. I...

SSL: This Could Kill Your Lead Generation!

Google has started to send out this warning:

The Home Run In Small Business Marketing

I am very fortunate to attend many gatherings with small business owners and when it comes to internet marketing it seems many are looking for the home run.

3 Things Business Owners Need to Know About Click Bait

We have all done it. You see a catchy graphic and click it. Then you land on a website that has absolutely nothing to do with what you clicked. This is click bait.

Does Your Marketing Strategy Follow Deming or Lemmings?

Dr. W. Edwards Deming is well known for his 14 points for Management presented in his book, Out of the Crisis. His principles have been applied in businesses of all sizes and market sectors with great success.

Here are his 14 points:

  • Create a...