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The Biggest Problems With A Website Update, And How You Can Fix Them

website update website refresh

3 Reasons A Website Update Goes Over Budget and Over Schedule Several inherent problems exist in traditional web design, with the reiterative process being one of the biggest stumbling blocks. A single change

Social Selling in 13 Minutes a Day

social selling

Social Media doesn’t just belong to Marketing anymore. Actions that a social media manager takes can affect all other departments, with Sales and Support receiving the majority of the impact; be sure to keep this in

Traditional Marketing or Content Marketing

content marketing

What Is Content Marketing?   Useful content should be at the core of your marketing Traditional marketing is becoming less and less effective by the minute; as a forward-thinking marketer, you know there has to be a

What Is Inbound Marketing?

inbound marketing

The internet has leveled the playing field for competition among small and large companies. Potential customers use the internet to research companies long before they contact them directly. Inbound marketing is

What To Do When You Get A Phone Call From Google

Google My Business

There is a discrepancy on your Google My Business page. We are calling about your Google account. Most likely you have or will receive a phone call that starts just like that. Is it legit?  Does Google ever call you

How To Run Experiments On Your Website

marketing Herd Of Nerds website experiments

Articles on A/B testing and website experiments are all over the internet. You know you want more conversions that can lead to more customers. That is why these articles grab your attention because you see the claims

One Quality Tool You Need To Be Using With Your Marketing

quality tools in marketing Quality Tools Pareto Analysis Herd Of Nerds

One problem with marketing data is determining what is significant. You see this all the time with services that promise to "increase traffic to your website". This is much like putting a business on a busy street

Can’t Verify Your Facebook Business Page? Try This:

business facebook page social media

Urghhh…social media can be SO frustrating! Even for someone like me. I use it for marketing my own business and I also teach other business owners how to use it. But sometimes I get really mad. The changes. The

How Do I Know If My Marketing Is Working?

Goals in Google Analytics Marketing ROI marketing small business marketing

You have hired the best creatives. You have maximized your budget. Now what?

Simple Steps to Design a Lead Qualification Strategy

Lead Generation Quality Lean marketing predictive lead scoring

Marketing complains that sales is not closing the great leads they send. Sales complains that marketing is sending them bad leads. What makes a lead good or bad?  How to Use Predictive Lead Scoring to Design a Lead