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Recent estimates by Daily Mail place the number of websites at over a billion. Cisco forecasts global IP traffic will exceed 1 zettabyte in 2016 and Smartphone traffic will exceed PC traffic by 2020. Time has reported the average attention span has decreased to 8 seconds. What strategies do you have in place to deal with this tsunami of information and less time to get your message across?





  1. Don't Panic. The proliferation of websites does not make your website less relevant. Visitors on the web are seeking useful information and a user friendly site. More does not mean better. If you continue to provide meaningful content that is valued by your audience then you have no worries.
  2. Understand your Buyer and THEIR buying process. One size does not fit all. Your website should offer content based on your customers and prospects process. Do they need technical information before moving forward? Pricing? Relevant recommendations and accreditation? Case Studies? Don't know what your buyers want? Ask your current customers WHY they selected you and HOW they made that decision. Mimic that with your website content. A process map visual might be helpful.
  3. Use Google Analytics. Google Analytics is FREE and can be installed on your website in minutes. It provides meaningful business intelligence about your website. Who, What, When, Where.... you have to work on the why.

google analytics_analytics that profit


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It can also help you determine if you are reaching your target market.

google analytics audience_analytics that profit 

For more information on (not set)- Click here.

4. Use Google Analytics to track conversions on your website. The idea of conversions sometimes seems confusing for companies that do not sell products on their website. A conversion in Google Analytics is any event that you have determined adds value to closing the sale. This could be a RFQ- Request For Quote Submission, Clicking your phone number, Submitting a Contact Request, etc. Setting Goals and Measuring Conversions allows you to determine the effectiveness of your website in generating revenue. It is very likely that you already know how many quotes you close from website requests. This information allows you to monetize the value of conversions in a non e-commerce setting.


goals in google analytics_analytics that profit 

5. Make it easy to do business with you. People get bored easy and are not patient. Don't make any activity on your website cumbersome. Use clear call to actions. Make it easy to contact you. Keep it simple to do business with you. If it takes more than 1 click, it is not simple. We strongly recommend the use of Thank You pages after a request for an online submission of information. People need to know you got their message and you are going to answer them. And when they do email you, make sure you respond! (Yes, that is one of my pet peeves.)

Make your phone number clickable on your website and then track clicks in Google Analytics. 

This is easy to do with Google Tag Manager.

phone number clicks in google analytics_analytics that profit

Once you have applied the Tag in Tag Manager you will see the results as events in Google Analytics.

google analytics dashboard_analytics that profit


Now you can actually see how many people clicked your phone number to call your business.

events in google analytics_analytics that profit



Relax. Don't fall prey to the onslaught of ridiculous spam emails that are bombarding your inbox. If you have concerns seek help from a qualified professional.

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