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Betsy Kent
Ideal Customer Identification

Betsy has a unique ability to help you get inside the head of your ideal client.

Businesses that use her ideal customer-centric approach are much better able to focus their time, energy and advertising dollars to connect with, engage and attract the people who see immediate value in what they offer - and who are willing and able to pay for it. 

We love working with Betsy because she is simply brilliant at helping you discover your ideal client and creating your Brand Promise.

Toni Plumb
Content Creation & Curation

Broadly experienced and resourceful marketing professional, I have spent the majority of my professional career in advertising agencies. I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and I am excited by discovering new ways of doing things and finding creative solutions to my clients' needs.

I have never met a stranger and am always integrating new talent into my teams. I enjoy arranging resources and orchestrating the variables that come into play when faced with a new team, project, challenge, or deadline, as I am an arranger at my core.

Toni is certified in Inbound Marketing.

We affectionately refer to Toni as the Grammar Nazi.

Angela Ozar
Copy Writer
I'm Angela- I paid off $30K in student loans in 3 years. In my book, Close Your Tab & Don't Look Back, I explain how I accomplished this feat by taking my dad’s advice. I'm so glad I did because now I have complete liberty to live the way I choose. I love writing.
It just makes sense to have a published author write copy.
William Rohr
Social Media
William is a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist. He understands that nobody wants a constant sales pitch on social media. His approach is to connect with your ideal customer and position you as an industry thought leader.
Jade Charvelle
Graphic Design

What is the point of great content without great design?

A tired logo or mismatched type just does not make sense. Jade solves that problem by making sure all design elements reflect your excellence.


Sarah Tsai
Business Strategist

I help companies think critically about their existing processes and identify solutions to solve their business challenges.

My passion in life is to educate the next generation kids about the future of work. I frequently volunteer and speak at conferences and events on life skills and career planning.

McKenna Dosier

I have a degree in journalism. Yes, they still have those. No fake news here. I enjoy writing about Science.

My side hustle is Agricultural Photography. Click out my Facebook link to learn more.

Dustin Miller
Brand Genius
Helping you achieve business growth through the delivery of your core emotional value in your brand. 
Your brand has a story to tell and the connection of the story to your target audience is my area of specialty. In my world every detail matters. Your brand should be evident in every graphic, sentence, and the customer should feel the difference between you and your competition. Underdeveloped brands hide barriers to business growth and I'm dedicated to revealing and resolving those challenges. 
Kari Kelly MS HRD-PSM I
Resident Theoritical Physicist aka Sheldon
Be honest. How can you really have effective digital marketing without collaborating with a Theoretical Physicist?
Phil Wiseman

For as long as I can remember I have loved numbers. Remember that weird kid who did all the extra math problems? That was me.

My license plate says it best.

herd of nerds_phil wiseman_analytics that profit

I have taken my love of numbers and applied it to digital marketing. No vanity metrics. No BS. We focus on revenue generation.

Phil is certified in Google Analytics by Google. He also has numerous certifications from HubSpot.

hubspot champion_analytics that profit


hubspot growth design certified_analytics that profit