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Analytics That Profit

Brilliant minds create brilliant results.

Betsy Kent
Ideal Customer Identification

Betsy has a unique ability to help you get inside the head of your ideal client.

Businesses that use her ideal customer-centric approach are much better able to focus their time, energy and advertising dollars to connect with, engage and attract the people who see immediate value in what they offer - and who are willing and able to pay for it. 

We love working with Betsy because she is simply brilliant at helping you discover your ideal client and creating your Brand Promise.

Toni Plumb
Content Creation & Curation

Broadly experienced and resourceful marketing professional, I have spent the majority of my professional career in advertising agencies. I thrive in a fast-paced, dynamic environment and I am excited by discovering new ways of doing things and finding creative solutions to my clients' needs.

I have never met a stranger and am always integrating new talent into my teams. I enjoy arranging resources and orchestrating the variables that come into play when faced with a new team, project, challenge, or deadline, as I am an arranger at my core.

Toni is certified in Inbound Marketing.

We affectionately refer to Toni as the Grammar Nazi.

William Rohr
Social Media
William is a certified Inbound Marketing Specialist and is also certified in Social Media. He understands that nobody wants a constant sales pitch on social media. His approach is to connect with your ideal customer and position you as an industry thought leader.
Wayne Gates

I am a media professional with almost 40 years of experience in radio, television and print. I also have video production, video editing and photography experience. I am currently responsible for the content and presentation of three weekly newspapers, The Brown County Press, The News Democrat and the Ripley Bee. In addition to editing the papers, I also generate multiple stories and photographs per week. 

Dhoof Mohamed
Specializing in IT/cybersecurity content and copywriting. Experienced in working with private companies, public companies, and government entities.
Zack Leffler
Nerd in Training 2020

Zack is a student at Northern Kentucky University pursuing an Economics and Statistics degree. I want to work with big data when I get out of college in a field such as sports analytics or some market research firms! 

Zack is certified by Google in Advanced Google Analytics

Katrina Eresman
Content & Copywriter

I was previously editor in chief at the Dayton City Paper, Dayton, Ohio’s late alt-weekly, and have since worked as a freelance journalist and copywriter. I love telling stories, and am currently focusing on tales that explore culture, travel, people, and music.

I’m also the author of a weekly newsletter called Disco Diaries!

When I’m not writing, I might be on the road, in my quad skates, or playing my guitar. I front the band Strobobean, play lead guitar in Pop Empire, and work as a touring musician for hire. 

Dolly & Hank
The Head Dogs
Phil Wiseman

For as long as I can remember I have loved numbers. Remember that weird kid who did all the extra math problems? That was me.

My license plate says it best.

herd of nerds_phil wiseman_analytics that profit

I have taken my love of numbers and applied it to digital marketing. No vanity metrics. No BS. We focus on revenue generation.

Phil is certified in Google Analytics by Google. He also has numerous certifications from HubSpot.

hubspot champion_analytics that profitinbound certified_analytics that profit_phil wiseman


hubspot growth design certified_analytics that profit
Learn The 6 Marketing Metrics You Should Care About

What People Say

  • Phil is great to work with. He's very supportive and strategic through our website development process. His experience and willingness to work side by side with us is really helping to put us in a much stronger position to be found online, to be proactive with our current customers, and to attract and convert qualified leads.
    casey williams

    Casey Williams

    Spotted Yeti Media

  • Before Phil, we had little to no marketing department. With his help, we are becoming a source of knowledge for the IT industry. Phil is extremely knowledgeable and great to work with. We would be lost without him
    keith shaffer

    Keith Shaffer

    Fairdinkum IT Consulting

  • Phil Wiseman has presented numerous times at the NKY Chamber. Members that attend his sessions rave about his extensive knowledge and down to earth approach to what can be a complicated subject. Phil is a great resource to the NKY Region and if you need help getting the most out of your website, Phil's your guy!
    Debby Shipp

    Debby Shipp

    NKY Chamber of Commerce