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What Are The Important Website Analytics For Small Businesses?

There are a few key website analytics that small businesses should keep an eye on to ensure their website is performing well. These website metrics include page views, unique visitors, time on site, and bounce rate. By tracking these metrics, you can understand how your website is doing and what areas may need improvement. 


Additionally, you can use website analytics to track your marketing efforts and see how they are performing. Understanding your website analytics ensures your small business makes the most of its online presence.

What Are The Important Website Analytics For Small Businesses_website analytics_ analytics that profit

It's worth thinking carefully about the essential web metrics for small businesses. For the majority, that means focusing on conversion statistics rather than raw traffic. 


Some important website analytics for small businesses to focus on include:

What Are The Important Website Analytics For Small Businesses_bounce rate_ analytics that profit

Bounce Rate - Bounce rate tells you one crucial thing about a visitor: how well their search query matched their intention. If the person leaves immediately, it indicates that the page didn't meet expectations. Websites with too many visitors doing this will have trouble with conversions.

What Are The Important Website Analytics For Small Businesses_time on page_ analytics that profit

Time On Site - Time on site is similar to the bounce rate, except it looks at the entire visit. Did the person stay on any pages for a long time? The idea is that the stickier the visit, the more it shows genuine interest.

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Pages Per Visit - Similar to the first two analytic metrics described, pages ver visit is a telling indicator of interest. A person consuming many pages on a site shows they're researching. For example, the person may read about shipping policies and peruse the FAQ before ordering. 

What Are The Important Website Analytics For Small Businesses_conversioan rate_ analytics that profitConversion Rate - For small businesses, this is the most critical metric. It tells the company how many people are converting on any given offer. It requires holistic content creation, SEO, and a web design approach. A small business website generates leads, contacts, and sales.


The images above are from Google Universal Analytics.

G4 replaces Universal Analytics in 2023.

Continue to visit our blog to learn how this change will impact your website analytics reporting.


Build A Sales Generation Machineflywheel_analytics that profit


Small business websites that convert understand their visitors and their customer journey. For example, they might use squeeze pages to capture email addresses if a long sales process is involved. That way, they can follow up over time to increase conversions. 

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For websites that sell merchandise, the path may be shorter. For example, the page may display a coupon code to enter on checkout to boost conversions. Each website will have its objectives and require a specific optimized design. That's why it's worth speaking with an analytics expert to tweak your small business website. They make data-driven decisions that improve the likelihood that customers buy your products.

Tracking Boosts Sales

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The best thing about tracking and analyzing your small business website analytics is that it gives you actionable insights. You'll learn how much each visitor costs and how to maximize your return on advertising dollars. Any business that pays for digital advertising benefits substantially from implementing and monitoring analytics. If you want optimal results from your current website, start the conversation with an Analytics That Profit representative today.

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