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5 Tips For Using Twitter For Small Business Marketing

Twitter isn't for entertainment and politics only. The app also sports a massive base of small businesses and their customers. Let's consider five tips that help companies drive traffic, increase engagement, and convert visitors.



Keep Your Tweets Interesting And Informative 

When you tweet, try to make your posts interesting and valuable. People will want to read them if they are exciting and helpful.

Your shares will depend significantly on your style and brand message. You can't make many mistakes on Twitter if you follow basic rules like checking grammar and spelling before submitting. It's also worth considering context and avoiding subtle language or sarcasm because not everyone is an expert English speaker.

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Engage With Other Users On Twitter 

Brands that don't respond to messages don't win too many long-term fans. Nobody likes feeling ignored, especially your customers.

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Monitor your mentions and check your DM's to stay up to speed on incoming communications. In addition, it's worth checking your Twitter Analytics to glean more profound insights into the critical metrics of the platform. For example, once you understand which content brings in people, you can tweak your strategy accordingly. We like the monitoring tool offered by HubSpot.

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Use Twitter To Share Special Offers And Discounts 

Twitter operates in real-time. You make posts, and people receive them almost instantly (depending on the Twitter algorithm, of course.) So you want to update enough that people see your shares often.

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Special offers give people the incentive to follow business social media accounts. Many look forward to updates about your best specials and will visit your shopping cart or landing pages immediately after you post. Those are the hottest leads you can find!

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I own more than a few pair of glasses so I like coupons and discounts on eyewear!

Express Yourself

Think about what makes your business unique and use that to stand out in your tweets. For example, be personal, share behind-the-scenes content, or give your customers a sneak peek of upcoming products or services.

It takes extra time to put forth above average. It can be expensive and time-consuming to produce. As a result, many small businesses reach out to third parties to handle the work. Like any skill, you'll get better with your shares as you do it more.

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Use Images And Video

Plain text becomes boring for people on Twitter. They're looking for shares with a lot of pizazz. So if you want more engagement than your peers, you'll need to be more creative. Platforms such as Canva will presize the posts for you. Adobe also offers a guide to help you select image size.

Fortunately, numerous tools exist to turn ordinary people into skilled video makers. The same holds for image editing, which puts the polish on any photo. The best part is that programs exist for all budgets so that you can start at any level.

The primary question new social media managers need to answer is if you're willing to spend sufficient time wring the most value from social media marketing. If not, you can turn it over to others dedicated to your success. 

When you develop an effective winning strategy, your small business can achieve multiple objectives that make investing in this marketing area worthwhile.

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