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What Information Should A Small Business SEO Report Include?

As a small business owner, being proactive about optimizing your website for search engines is critical for your overall marketing strategy. But what is an SEO report, and what information should it contain to help your company gain a competitive edge? Let's discuss!


What Is An SEO Report?


An SEO report is a document that's generated after running multiple technical analyses of a website. This report helps identify potential issues and recommend steps to improve the visibility and organic search ranking. The contents of an SEO report can vary, but typically it will include:

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Technical Analysis Of Your Website 

This section of your SEO report will evaluate your website's structure, code, and other technical aspects to identify issues holding back your site's search engine performance.

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SEO Strategy: What You Need To Know

Competition Analysis 

In this section, your SEO report will compare your website against your top competitors to identify what they are doing that you could be doing as well. It will also look at the keywords of each of your competitors' targets and how you rank for them.


On-Page Optimization Analysis 

This section of your SEO report will analyze your website's content and design to identify areas that you could improve for higher search engine visibility. For example, this part of the report may include recommendations to add or revise specific keywords, improve your website's title tags and meta descriptions, or other proactive measures to improve results across the board.

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Off-Page Optimization Analysis 

In this section of your SEO report, you'll find recommendations for improving off-site ranking factors such as link popularity. Actionable measures that might get recommended include adding new links from high-quality websites, getting fresh citations, optimizing your anchor text, and making other on-page adjustments to increase the number of links pointing to your website.


Local Search Optimization Analysis 

If you're targeting local customers, this section of your SEO report will provide recommendations for improving your website's visibility in local search results. These recommendations may include optimizing your Google Business Profile listing, adding location-specific content pages to your website, and other tactics to increase visibility in local search markets.

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Advertising Analysis 

No small business owner can afford to ignore online advertising. In this section of your SEO report, you'll find an evaluation of your website's current online advertising efforts and recommendations for how you can improve them.

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How Can A SEO Report Be Helpful For My Small Business?


SEO reports can be helpful for small businesses in several ways:


  1. They can help you identify any areas of your website that may need improvement.
  2. They can provide insights into what your competitors are doing that you aren't.
  3. Finally, they can give you a roadmap for increasing your website's search engine visibility and organic search traffic.


If you want to maximize your small business SEO efforts, it's good to have a trustworthy SEO report in hand. It provides a benchmark from which you can measure your progress, but it also helps ensure that your optimization efforts positively impact your business.

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