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HubSpot Productivity Hack | Sequences

 creating sequences in HubSpot_analytics that profit

Today we're gonna talk about a great productivity hack inside of Hubspot called Sequences.

What exactly is a sequence?

If you're like me, you're always looking for a way to engage with the contact, to give them something meaningful.

And there's a bunch of ways to do that, you could use an Excel spreadsheet, and go back to 1990's marketing, that's a great thing to do, NO!

I prefer automation.

When you know there's a set series of events, an e-mail, a phone call, a task, something of that nature, a sequence is the best productivity hack, because it automates the behavior.

So exactly where you find these sequences?

hubspot productivity hack_sequences_find_analytics that prifit
In Hubspot,  go into automation, and there they are Sequences.

Now, I cleared all this out so you have a blank slate, and so we're gonna pretend that there are no sequences created and we're going to just create from scratch.

So just hit create sequence and you could start from just scratch, but if you're new to Sequences, I would recommend you look through some of the pre-mades and get some ideas.
using sequences to follow up on trade shows_analytics that profit

Now the key thing about a sequence is to decide when someone will be taken out of the sequence.

Think of a sequence as a mini automated workflow, over a short period of time with a specified outcome.
hubspot solutions partner_analytics that profit

So, if you get a reply to your e-mail, if they book a meeting through certain behaviors you want, we take them out of the sequence.

No need to keep sending e-mails when you've achieved your result.

So, here's a good example of recent conversion.
using sequences to follow up on lead conversion_analytics that profit

What did you think about the download?

hubspot productivity hack_sequences_conversion_analytics that profit

So, personalize these subject titles. If you're like me, if you don't get me at the subject line, I will delete your e-mail.

So, spend some time, be creative on the subject line to make them want to open your e-mail.

Hey, you downloaded this content, what did you think? Did we miss anything, forget anything?

Then you create a follow-up task after that e-mail is sent.

And then, after that call, you can send another automated e-mail to send some more useful information.
hubspot productivity hack_sequences_meeting_analytics that profit

And then you go, Do you have time for a meeting.

Trade shows, great example.

So you go to a trade show, you scan everybody's badge, you have these e-mails when you get their business card.

Please, please, please don't tell me that you're still typing in business cards.

You should get the scanner for the Hubspot's CRM and scan the business card right into Hubspot.
hubspot productivity hack_sequences_crm card reader_analytics that profit

So you have all these contacts that you've engaged with at this trade show or conference, or some sort of meeting. Now, what do you do?

So instead of just good to meet you, I would of course make it more personal, about the conference, or maybe you met them at a certain presentation or topic.

Once again, personalize that subject line.
hubspot productivity hacl_sequences_trade show_analytics that prifit

Then once again, it's a series of automated e-mails, phone calls, whatever it might be. Same thing is true for product or demo request.
hubspot productivity hack_sequences_demo request_analytics that profit

I think you're getting the big picture here.

Automated steps over a short period of time focused on a defined outcome.

So, just go through these pre-mades to get some ideas on how to get started. Then, when you're ready, you and go and start a sequence.

So here, I'm gonna send an e-mail, Phil Wiseman, and what do I want to do?

hubspot productivity hack_sequences_email_analytics that profit

I want to put him in a sequence. I would simply click one of them, and boom, I'm automatically put into that sequence,and that series of events triggers.

There's your productivity hack.

Very useful, a great time-saver, and just remember, start with your specified goal, what is the outcome of the sequence?

Start with that, and then design the series of e-mails, phone calls whatever that might be to complete the sequence.

Be more productive, make more money.


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