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Simple Steps to Design a Lead Qualification Strategy

Marketing complains that sales is not closing the great leads they send. Sales complains that marketing is sending them bad leads. What makes a lead good or bad?

 How to Use Predictive Lead Scoring to Design a Lead Qualification Strategy

The sales cycle/process has evolved from a benefits/features model- look what I have for you- to a customer-driven model- what do you have for me? Further, the role of the salesperson has evolved dramatically in most market sectors. Spending time knocking on doors and making cold calls via phone have become dinosaur methods of selling.

Modern selling methods indicate that you need to allow a customer to buy from you and that you eliminate any steps that complicate that process- Lean Marketing.

One highly effective tool that eliminates waste in the sales process is Predictive Lead ScoringPredictive Lead Scoring is a data-driven method based on behaviors, demographics and engagement. 


Image Source:https://blog.hubspot.com/marketing/traditional-predictive-lead-scoring

How can you use Predictive Lead Scoring as a Lean Tool for Marketing?

Sales and Marketing teams have evolved to agree on what is considered a Marketing Qualified Lead and what is considered a Sales Qualified Lead. This resolves the age old conflicts of, "We send leads to sales and they don't close them," and, "Marketing sends us bad leads."

Sales is now able to spend time on the leads lean marketing analytics that profit.jpgthat are qualified and marketing is able to spend time generating content to engage and move qualified leads through the sales process. As you gather more data, you can add weight to each piece of criteria, thus improving lead scoring and refining your model. Quality 101: Plan, Do, Check, Act.

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