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When Your Marketing Vertical is Horizontal

Marketing Verticals 

They Just Don't Fit Your Business.....

Do you get annoyed when people ask you what is your marketing vertical?

This is a common problem for businesses that provide Software as a Service(SaaS), App Developers and Technology providers.

Your product and service is not limited to a marketing vertical.

How do you create a marketing plan when your marketing vertical is horizontal?

  • how to create a marketing plan.jpgUnderstand Your Perfect Customer
  • Connect with your Perfect Customer the second they land on your website
  • Make it easy to do business with you

You may not have a clear picture of your perfect customer, but you probably know who is a bad customer. You know what we are talking about: Scope creep, Payment issues, Don't send referrals, etc. Check out this article from Inc. - 7 Things Bad Customers Always Do. and see who fits the list. Don't market to them.

There is strategic value in knowing who not to attract and waste resources.

Your website must connect with your perfect customer the second they arrive. We recently worked with a startup that had brilliant concept and product implementation. One huge problem, you land on their website and have absolutely no idea what they do or how their product is hands down the best in the marketplace. A clear concise message is far superior to a "pretty" and "technologically stunning" website. Nobody cares how cool your website is if they can't figure out what you do and will it work for them. Research has shown you just have a few seconds to connect.

Make doing business with you One Click away.

We are not saying you should clutter your page with CTA's        (Call-to-Actions ) everywhere. Visitors want to read content in context to evaluate your value before they move forward. A picture does say a thousand words, but let's be honest most of us prefer to read some words in addition to stunning graphics. That being said, Contact Us, Schedule A Call, Learn More, etc. should be easy to find and don't ask for my firstborn child in order for me move forward and determine if you are a fit for my business.

We have created an ebook that steps you through the process of identifying your ideal buyers and their characteristics.

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Get the free ebook now.

This ebook will teach you how to:

  • Ask the right questions from your current customer base to develop a marketing strategy.
  • Develop a content strategy based on your customers.
  • Present a concise description of your ideal s that sales & marketing will understand.
  • Create a Marketing Plan when your Marketing vertical is Horizontal.
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