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Why ISO Certified Manufacturers Should Have a Customer Journey Map

A customer journey map is a visualization that maps the manufacturing company's customer experience with a product, service, or company. Companies can use it to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by identifying gaps, friction, or missing elements in the journey.  

7 Benefits of a Customer Journey Map_analytics that profit

A customer journey map is an excellent addition for ISO-certified manufacturers. When implemented correctly, it's an effective technique to identify gaps between expected customer experience and actual customer experience. That's crucial for ISO-certified manufacturers with multi-step production and extensive digital assets to support their products.


The journey map is created by following these steps:


  • Define the project's scope - A scope includes who you are trying to reach, what you want them to do, and what channels you will use to connect with them. 

  • Define the user's experience - this includes all touch points from when they first become aware of your company until they make their purchase decision

  • Create a timeline for each touch point - this includes defining what happens at each end in time and how long it takes. 

  • Identify patterns in the data, including looking for commonalities in how they use your site and company products. 


The more comprehensive data you have, the greater the insights. As you may imagine, data is the primary resource that companies doing business online maintain, including ISO-certified manufacturers. 

However, raw data is a natural resource; it takes tools and training to unearth business truths, and that's where mapping enters the picture.


What Is A Customer Journey Map?

The customer journey map is a visual representation of how customers interact with a company’s products and services. It helps companies understand their customers' journeys and use this knowledge to create relevant and personalized experiences.

What is a customer journey? 
A customer journey is a series of events or activities that a customer goes through in order to become a satisfied customer.

Why do we need a customer journey map?

It helps companies understand their customers’ journeys and use this knowledge for creating relevant and personalized experiences. A well-designed customer journey map highlights different touchpoints where customers may receive information, products/services, and interactions about the brand – both positive and negative.

How does a customer journey map work?

A customer journey map shows the entire customer experience (from awareness to loyalty), including the customer's first interaction with the business, the purchase process, and even post-purchase activities.

A customer journey map is a strategic marketing tool that helps understand the various steps customers take to get to know about a product or service.

buyers journey_analytics that profit

A customer journey map is a strategic marketing tool that helps understand the various steps customers take to get to know about a product or service. It maps out the customer's experience with your brand and can help identify growth opportunities.

A customer journey map effectively understands your customers' thoughts and feelings about your company, products, and services. As a result, manufacturers can use it as a strategic marketing tool to identify growth opportunities.


Website Statistics ISO Certified Manufacturers Need To Know:


86% of people want to see product and service information on a website homepage

64% of people want access to contact information to be readily available

37% of users say that poor navigation and design cause them to leave websites

89% of consumers switched to a competitor’s websites as a result of bad user experience

What Consumers Want to See on Company Websites, According to Marketers [New Data]


Sources: Bloggingwizzard, HubSpot


These maps are essential for ISO-certified manufacturers who may have large sites with many products and services. Understanding where a visitor fits into the map informs the marketing and sales departments how to convert them into sales best. A functioning map lowers digital marketing costs while driving a conversion rate increase.


Methods For Creating A Customer Journey Map


A customer journey map represents customers' steps when interacting with your company. It helps you understand what customers do on your site and can be used to identify problems and opportunities for improvement.

Personalize your buyers journey using Buyer Personas_ analytics that profit

How To Create Buyer Persons


The customer journey map includes all customer touchpoints with your ISO-certified manufacturing company, including websites, social media channels, physical locations, and more. Integrating all of that requires understanding analytics and where your marketing collateral fits.

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Developing a map will empower all forward-facing team members and the digital marketing department.

Here are some resources we created to help you with your customer journey map.

What Is a Customer Journey Map

7 Benefits of a Customer Journey Map

Best Practices for Creating a Customer Journey Map


Don't forget about FAQ's- Frequently Asked Questions. 

A thoughtful FAQ section eliminates friction in the customer journey process.

should my website have an faq section_proven process_analytics that profit

Although finding mapping tools is straightforward, the result won't be productive without configuration. For most businesses, using a Hubspot-Certified Partner like Analytics that Profit is the best move. Our experienced team understands how to develop and maintain customer journey maps that make small businesses grow.

 Our founder has decades of experience working in the ISO environment and holds certifications as a Quality Auditor and Manager of Quality.

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This experience allows us deeper insights in how  to assist our ISO certified clients with highly effective marketing.

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