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Superb Strategies for your Digital Marketing and Online Business

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If you run an online business, you must adopt digital marketing strategies. In today’s predominantly digital world, traditional marketing methods are becoming less effective. Businesses can reach thousands, if not millions of people on the internet with often less effort and expense.


However, digital marketing campaigns must still be effective. It is an incredibly competitive landscape and your marketing must be effective to make you stand out. To help, we have outlined five superb marketing strategies that eCommerce businesses could utilize!

Creating a blog on your website


If you look at most business websites, and eCommerce platforms, they have a blog. This could be a lifestyle blog where you write about your life outside the business. Alternatively, it could be a business blog that gives insight into how you operate, and what you do on a daily basis.


If you create a blog, the content should be fun, easy to read, and engaging. Also, you should have a comment section where customers can interact with you. It is also ideal to add social media sharing widgets to your posts.

Vlogging about your business and lifestyle


Many people and influencers use social media platforms or streaming platforms like Twitch to create vlogs to promote their business. Also, platforms like Tik Tok are immensely popular and can allow you to reach thousands of people. The videos are often simple too and do not have to have an expensive production setup or editing. Once you have established your main areas of marketing, you could consider vlogging on a weekly basis and building followers on platforms like Tik Tok.


Creating a YouTube Channel


YouTube and streaming are becoming incredibly popular. We have all heard of millionaires like Mr. Beast and Ninja who make fortunes posting videos and creating YouTube content. You could create a YouTube channel for your online business and start creating regular videos.


It is important that your content is interesting and exciting to watch. You could also consider creating product demonstration videos to add useful information to your website content.


Maintaining an active social media presence


Social media is one of the best outlets for digital marketing. Platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram are free to use! Anyone can sign up, and create a professional business profile to promote their eCommerce site.


Ensure that your profile is complete and has links to your website and products. Also, ensure that your posts are informative, and give real value to your customers. It is vital that you respond to all comments and customer interactions too. We also advise including digital media such as images or embedded videos in your social media posts too.


Email newsletters


Finally, you can create email newsletters on a regular basis. There is a range of tools such as Mail Chimp that can help you create effective and targeted email newsletters. These newsletters should give real value to your customers - this could be discounts, or access to exclusive products, for example. Also, there should always be an option to opt-out, and you should not overwhelm your customers with multiple emails per week. This is a sure-fire way to get them to unsubscribe and list your business as spam!


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By implementing a few of these strategies, you can effectively boost your digital marketing. When creating these campaigns, it is important to remain professional and include strong branding. For example, you can use free resources like LogoCreator to create a professional eCommerce logo. Also, you can use platforms like Canva to produce images for your social media posts. Consistent branding helps reinforce your business identity and create stronger brand awareness with your customer base.


About our guest author:

Kobi Blanchard  has been working in the digital marketing field for a couple of years now and recently started to share her knowledge through articles. She’s always been interested in writing and working from home allowed her to dedicate some time to this passion of hers. She’s also into music, art and fitness.