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How To Build A Sales Team That Won't Quit

You are not the only person that is looking for an answer to this question.


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This is obviously a problem that many companies find challenging.

How do you build a sales team that won't quit?

A recent article by a recruiting firm shared 25 reasons great salespeople leave. The Harvard Business Review also studied this problem. HubSpot also shared research on 10 Reasons Top Salespeople Join, Stay and Leave Your Company.

A common thread in all these articles is Training, Support and availability of Sales Tools. One of the most underutilized sales tools is a company's website. 

How do you use your website to generate quality leads?

Not everyone that fills out a form is a high quality lead. Some are students doing research, others are influencers and not the decision maker. We all have heard the lament about "lousy" leads. The use of Smart Forms and Predictive Lead Scoring can allow your sales team to pursue high quality leads that are moving forward in the buying process.

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Smart Forms allow you to build the lead profile without asking the same questions every time. If you have my email you shouldn't be asking for it again. You should be asking 1 maybe 2 questions that paint the picture of where I am in the sales process and am I the decision maker and what are my specific motivators.

predictive lead scoring attributes analytics that profit.pngPredictive Lead Scoring allows sales to spend time on qualified leads that are ready and want to have that conversation about your product or service. Note: A consensus must be reached between Sales & Marketing as to what is a "good" score. This eliminates the discussion about "bad" leads. As more data is gathered, the Predictive Lead Scoring Index can be refined.

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Dynamic marketing content allows a company to move high quality sales leads through the sales funnel so that the sales spends time closing high quality leads and not spinning their wheels with leads that have not reached the buying phase.

This use of modern selling tools increases efficiency in the sales process is a great morale and productivity booster.

How? It is easy to get excited and engapredictive lead score analytics that profit.jpegged when you know the odds are stacked in your favor.

Don't believe me?

Make 100 cold calls and then make 5 calls to qualified leads that have met your predictive lead scoring index. Your close rate will exponentially increase when contacting qualified leads.


If closing more sales does not build a sales team that won't quit, then you have  bigger issues.


Maybe we should write a blog about that!