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Analytics That Profit™- How Content Offers Improve Lead Generation

What is a content offer? Simply put, a content offer is something your ideal customer sees as a value add and is willing to exchange information to receive the content offer. They are part of the GIVE/GET strategy. 

There are many types of content offers:

Here is a list of typical Content Offers:

  • eBooks
  • Courses
  • Trials
  • Demos
  • Cheat Sheets
  • Checklists
  • Email Series
  • Email Subscription
  • Guides
  • Kits
  • Data/Research/Whitepapers
  • Podcasts
  • Presentations
  • Templates
  • Events
  • Calculators/Tools
  • Apps
  • Webinars

eBooks are excellent content offers to improve lead generation. There is no limit to the size of an eBook. In order to produce content relevant to your ideal customer you will need to spend some time working on buyer personas.

Buyer Persona eBook.jpeg ← eBook Content Offer

It's important to establish buyer personas for your business so you can segment your audience and create stronger marketing campaigns. Our free, customizable buyer persona eBook will let you easily organize your research to create your very own buyer personas.

Course Content Offer

inbound marketing course analytics that profit.png

This is an example of a certification you can receive from HubSpot for completing a course.

Checklist Content Offer

Checklist Content Offer.png

 Download Your FREE Checklist!

Cheat Sheet Content Offer


Everybody loves a cheat sheet!

 Quick. Easy. Convenient.

Guide Content Offer

The Ultimate Guide To Image Size Analytics That Profit.jpeg





The use of a guide as a content offer to improve lead generation is very common and effective!


These are just a few examples of how to use a content offer to improve lead generation. The reality is that content offers require time and effort. It is common to outsource content offer production.

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